Meal Prep - 5 Day

Meal Prep - 5 Day

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Kopia Classic - Customer Favorite 🌟🌟🌟

Option 1: Grilled Lamb and Fried beans w/ Yassa

Option 2: Pan fried chicken, Jollof rice, and mixed veggies 

[Vegan] Option 3: Jollof rice, mixed veggies, and plantains 

All meal preps include: 1 32oz Bissap   

🎊🎉 Kopia Eats is now up and running 🎉🎊⠀

Visit our website (link in the bio) to check out our West African cuisine + meal prep options (to give you a break from cooking 🙌🏾) ⠀

✅ All orders must be placed 24hrs in advanced ⠀
✅ We deliver Monday - Friday from 4-6PM (SF/ Peninsula / Oakland only) ⠀
✅ Pickup is available Monday - Friday between 6:30-8:00pm for folks outside of the delivery zone⠀
✅ A minimum of 5 meals is required for meal prep prices ⠀

We look forward to sharing a piece of Chef Kopia’s culture with you and thank you for the continued love and support.